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Archived Post.  No longer applies since I switched to XMission and Utopia Fiber.


We love XMission

Per Comcast’s new Data Usage Plan, Plex access will be restricted.  I have been running the Plex service unrestricted for a few years now….  Due to the 1 Terabyte datacap from Comcast, I will be restricting the service so that I do not receive any penalties on my bill…  If you would like to access Plex, please consider donating… If I receive enough donations per-month I will upgrade my internet plan to unlimited data…

Thank you for your understanding.

Sam Abbott
[email protected]



Information about a New Terabyte
Internet Data Usage Plan

We’re writing to let you know that we will be activating a new XFINITY Internet Data Usage Plan in your area. Effective November 1, 2016, your XFINITY Internet service will include one terabyte (that’s 1,024 GB) of data usage per month. With a terabyte of data, you can stream between 600 and 700 hours of HD video, play more than 12,000 hours of games online, or download 60,000 high-res photos in a month.

The vast majority of our customers would consider one terabyte to be a massive amount of data – in fact, less than 1% of our customers use that amount in a month. However, it may not be enough for everyone, so we want to make sure you understand your options and choose the Data Usage Plan that works best for you. Our data plans are based on a principle of fairness. Those who use more Internet data, pay more. And those who use less Internet data, pay less. If you believe you will need more than one terabyte of data, we offer an Unlimited Data option.

One Terabyte Plan and Unlimited Data option:

One Terabyte (TB) included/month If one TB is exceeded, $10 is charged for each additional data block of up to 50 GB/month $200 overage charge limit – no matter how much data is used
Unlimited Data Additional $50/month No overage charges — no matter how much data is used each month